•   about 4 years ago

Is anyone else here for the t-shirt?

It's a pretty cool t-shirt. Anyways, my name is Michael, I'm based out of the Pacific Northwest. I'm looking for 1-2 teammates to collaborate with on an Alexa skill for this hackathon. The barrier of remote operations and communications is trivial in my opinion -- I don't care if you're half way around the world. I'll work with anyone who wants to collaborate. To avoid coming off as arrogant I've chose to list reddit as my only skill. I'm going hold firm on that list for now. For the sake of encouraging confidence, I want to approach this from an agile process perspective, move quickly and adjust as needed, and focus on implementing baseline requirements -- simplest root functionality. My current plan is in the neighborhood of time series forecasting/machine learning implementation. I'm very open to ideas though. Drop something in my inbox if you're down to mash data.

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