•   about 4 years ago

first 200 skills award

can we get an update on how many slots are left?


  • Manager   •   about 4 years ago

    Hey Tom,

    I can't give you an exact number because only those that pass certification will be eligible, but there are still a fair amount of awards left. Try to get in soon as many people tend to submit in the last few days.


  •   •   about 4 years ago

    Are there still slots left?
    I finally passed the skill certification, and already started my submission process. All that needs to be done is uploading the video. Am I in time?

  • Manager   •   about 4 years ago

    Hey Florian,

    Make sure you're submission is completed and in to Devpost by tomorrow, May 9th at 5:00PM EST. I think you would be in time for the first 200 skills award as of right now, but it will depend if your submission is in and eligible. We will let everyone know who wins all the awards on June 30th after we can confirm who passed certification AND has a complete and eligible submission.

    Best of luck!

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