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2 Questions. Can we update the skill after the deadline? When are we notified if we were one of the first 200 skills published?

I have 2 questions.

Can we update the skill after the deadline? My skill was submitted on time and was published earlier in the week, but am I still allowed to make improvements before judging day?

How do I know if I was one of the 200 winners of "First Certified Skills Published Award "?

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  • Manager   •   about 4 years ago

    Hey Noah,

    Good questions. Skills can only be modified after the submission deadline in order to pass certification. The rules state, "To be eligible for prizes, your skill must have passed certification and be available in the Alexa skills store by the end of the Certification Period. Makers will be allowed to make minor changes (such as bug fixes) during the Certification Period to move through the certification phase. No substantial changes will be allowed, and all skills that do not pass certification by the end of the Certification Period will be ineligible for prizes in the Hackathon." If you have passed certification, you should not make updates until the winners are announced.

    The First 200 Certified will be notified on June 30th with the winners announcement. We can't provide the full list until we can confirm which skills passed certification.


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